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What is Corporate Branding?

Are you a start-up or a matured company that is looking to brand or refurbish your company’s design?

Corporate branding is a very comprehensive term that covers all the marketing affairs of professional companies and the connections between them. In a more complex way, we can say that corporate branding is a corporate philosophy or core value set as a theme. Corporate branding is a way for companies to present themselves to the world and to their employees.

our Branding Expertise

We will take your social media marketing result to the next level.

Brand Strategy

Achieving distinction is the core function of a branding strategy. A successful branding strategy is what sets your business apart from your competitors in an increasingly competitive environment. Our team of brilliant brand strategists, developers, and designers work collaboratively in order to produce an incredible brand strategy for your business. From creating a brand purpose to final launch, our experts take a strategic approach to create unique brand identities.

Logo Design

A logo is an essential part of your corporate identity and brand. A creative logo design tailored to your brand’s culture and values can make a big difference. Taking this fact into account and after understanding the dynamics of your business, our designers create and showcase a set of varying logo designs that you can review. After finalizing your favorite logo, we make sure that the logo symbol is a perfect demonstration of your business.

Brand Development

Your brand is not just about logos. This is to build a solid foundation to deal with all the different aspects of your business. The brand development process determines your identity, target audience, and the reason why the target audience establishes contact with you. We keep in touch with our customers throughout the brand promotion process and help them simplify their business goals, core values, missions and long-term business goals.


Integrating brand elements into the business is a vital part. We ensure that all your brand elements are fully integrated into your website design, marketing print materials and offline marketing activities in order to present your business to the world in a consistent and attractive way.

More Reasons to choose us

Globivio Marketing
Initial Budget
Low to Moderate (Can start from as low as RM 1k / Month)
Experience working with other industries
Worked with over 80+ different Industries
Only Focused on 1 Industry
Range of Services
Full-Fledge Services with In-house Web Developer and In-House Production House
Outsourcing different works to other companies
Platforms Utlization
Focused on 1 Platform
All works are done in-house. Communication and delivery will be direct and smooth
Unknown / Might Delay
Social Media Management
100% of our campaigns are done in house
Outsourced for outside due to inexperienced
SMM Account Manager
Campaigns are done locally and explanation for campaigns will be provided by Account Manager
Might not provide explanation
Campaign update
Monthly/Weekly report + Quarterly review
Communication Platform
Using software for better and easier communication.
Send multiple emails per month

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