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Our Recommendation of Digital Marketing Tools for Singapore SME’s

We all know that its a crowded landscape with a lot of external noise and distraction in terms of which content creation tool to use, there we listed down our own recommendations of digital marketing tools that we felt that it’ll help to increase work productivity.

Whether its for copywriting, graphic design, email marketing there’s so much tools available on the market that Singapore SME owners would want to explore.

Google Analytics & Google Business Profile

Google Analytics is a free programme that gives you useful information on who visits your website and how they interact with it.

It works best when used with Google Search Console, a free digital marketing tool that helps you find and fix problems with your website.

Google Analytics makes the following data elements available to you:

The number of visits to your website by day, week, month, or any other time period.
Where do these visits come from: other websites, organic search, advertisements, social media, or direct

Mailchimp – Recommended Digital Marketing Tools

Email marketing should be a component of your entire plan regardless of how big or little your company is.

When a consumer joins your mailing list, they’re welcoming you into their inbox right away. As a result, email marketing has a greater ROI than any other marketing strategy.

To get started with email marketing, you’ll need a solution that lets you collect emails, manage lists, send emails automatically or on a schedule, and track interaction.

If you’re just starting out or running a small business, Mailchimp is a great option. Until your list reaches 2,000 subscribers, Mailchimp’s basic service is free.

It provides the essential features you want without making managing your email marketing too difficult.

Slack – Team collaboration tool

Slack is a chat platform designed for small groups. It has “#channels” that may be segregated by subject so that vital business chats aren’t disrupted by team bonding activities.

Slack groups with a specific theme are useful for networking and exchanging fresh information with influential people in your business.

Slack is another another internet marketing platform that is easy to use yet has some complicated functions. Because Slack’s developer network is so large, you’ll almost certainly be able to find a Slack app for everything you need.

Hot Jar – Good Digital Marketing Tools for Website Traffic

If you want to push website visitors through the sales funnel with as little friction as possible, the user experience is critical.

HotJar displays heatmaps of your site so you can see where visitors spend the most time. You may also watch user testing movies to gain unbiased feedback on your site’s usability.

If you are a matured business looking for a digital marketing agency to help you handle your day to day operations, drop us a quotation today!


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