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How Social Media Marketing Can Bring Extra Revenue (4 Ways)

Social Media Marketing is a combination of lots of things. From content planning, marketing idea, graphic design, copywriting, execution and ads. All these are under an umbrella of work scope, but if done right it can be really rewarding! There are many platforms available but still the most widely used are Facebook and Instagram for social media. Let us explore the 5 ways on how we think social media marketing can bring extra revenue for your company.

Boost brand recognition.

Social media will almost surely have an influence on your business, whether you work for a small or large corporation.

Increased brand recognition is one of the most essential reasons to use social media for your business. Customers will see social media as the most influential source of buy inspiration, it’s logical to assume that increasing brand recognition leads to a rise in leads.

By having a social media presence for your company, you make it easier for potential consumers to locate and learn about your product or service.

Utilise social media ads

Even if you’ve found the perfect social media outlet for engaging your target audience, if they’ve never heard of you, your marketing efforts may fall short. People will notice your brand if you spend money on social media advertising. Every social networking site allows you to run advertisements or promote your own content, it is proven that social media efforts have resulted in increased revenue.

Create useful material to entice new clients and retain existing ones – Important tip on how social media marketing can really help

When businesses incorporate social media into their customer relationship management (CRM) system, they may learn more about their customers’ interests and habits, as well as how they use certain goods or services. As a consequence, businesses may tailor client experiences to the level of uniqueness that each consumer deserves.

Driving website traffic

While the goal of your social media strategy should be to increase engagement, connections, and entertainment, you can also utilise social media to drive traffic to your main website. Because your website is your primary sales tool, directing visitors from social media to a conversion-focused landing page can assist in moving prospects through the sales funnel.

Still on the fence thinking how to get started on your social media journey? Contact us today! We do social media marketing in Singapore and social media in Malaysia!

Drop us your contact and we will be with you shortly!


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