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UI UX Design – Why is it so important?

In today’s modern and digital landscape, the fight for media attention span is so vast and attention from consumers are so sparse. Having a good ui ux design will help to get more attention and raise the standard of your company to stand out from our peers.

Before we begin, let us talk about what exactly is UX and UI?

What is UX (User Experience)?

UX also know as (User Experience) is the process through which design teams build products that give consumers with meaningful and relevant experiences is known as user experience (UX) design.

This includes features of branding, design, usability, and function, as well as the design of the full acquisition and integration process.

What is user interface (UI) ?

A user interface is a location where humans and machines may interact. It enables users to use a machine efficiently to accomplish a job or achieve a certain objective, such as making a purchase or downloading an app.

In fact, you are reading this article using UI right now.

Together UI UX form a vital role in completing roles or promoting call to actions, bringing conveniences through designs.

What are the key factors of UI UX any why is it vital in any companies ?

Any company’s principal purpose is to raise revenue and expand its operations. In order to achieve this aim, UX/UI Design is critical.

The application’s UX/UI Design enhances the user experience and increases customer satisfaction, resulting in a rise in the number of users.

With so many options and alternatives for the products and/or services you offer, the amount of time you have to capture your consumers’ attention is limited, and you must strike the bullseye in that short amount of time.

Key elements before building any UI UX Design

The following are the elements to consider when building a UI/UX design:

1. Information Architecture
Information Architecture, also known as the IA, is all about satisfying the business strategies by designing the application’s or the site’s information structure.

The major role of the IA is to provide its users with easy navigation no matter which browser they are using. It’s about using the maximum permutations and combinations to provide the best and a top-level navigation menu.

2. Interaction Design
Interaction Design is about creating the conceptual design with which the users interact with the product and/or application.

This interaction includes various elements such as aesthetics, color, font, icons, images, motion, sound, space, graphics, etc.

3. Usability
User-friendliness is another term for usability. Along with determining whether users receive the information they need when using the application or visiting the site for the first time, and if the program/website is simple to navigate, usability also considers how to manage mistakes.

4. Wireframing
Wireframing is the process of developing a prototype of an application in order to evaluate its functionality, appearance, and usability before it is released.

It’s a low-cost technique to check for functionality and see if the software fulfils its goal.

5. Visual Design
The application or website’s visual design is akin to defining the company’s brand. The visual design is the most significant component of the UI design since it may influence users’ behaviour. Visual design include not just choosing the finest pictures, colours, icons, and typefaces, but also determining how the application’s look influences user engagement.

UI UX Conclusion

We hope you learnt a thing or two after reading this article, we have done a UI/UX design for our client and will be launching our services very soon with our portfolio. Remember to stay tuned to our website as we will be updating the space constantly!

You can also explore tools for UI UX if you want to get started!

If you have any project that you want us to work on remember to drop us a message on our contact form!


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