Objectives for advertising on Facebook

We will sit down to discuss your objectives for advertising on Facebook, is it generating traffic to your website? Increasing leads for your business? Or finding potential clients through the Facebook platform? We will discuss what we can help you to achieve through advertising on Facebook and what you can expect from us.

Custom & Lookalike Audience

We build Custom Audiences and Lookalike audience for our clients, which allows us to target users more specifically. One way to do this by compiling audiences that has visited your website/Facebook. We can extract the data from there and help you re-target the warm leading to higher click through rates and in return closing the customer.

Targeting Setting

Facebook’s can help you to target people by all sorts of factors, from demographics up till religion beliefs. With this comprehensive information from Facebook. We can help you do all the Audience settings so that your product won’t be shown to the people that are not interested in your products which is crucial in budget optimisation.

Facebook Analytics

After all the things that you have done right, we will sit down with you and go through the analytics of your Facebook Page, what is done right, and what can be done better to further attract potential customers answering to your call to action.