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Lazada & Shopee Set Up

Too many products need to handle? Need to sync to multiple online store? We got a solution for you.

Our dedicated marketplace team has expertise in running programs. We provide a comprehensive central management solution for market sellers, including e-commerce customer service and fulfillment and front-end and back-end support, enabling our customers to manage the entire customer engagement and support process online.

Does your business need us?

Problems After Setting Up Lazada and Shopee:

Build Authority

You can use the many tools available in Lazada, Shopee or e-commerce stores to maximize your sales, but do you know how to use them effectively? Experience comes with time, and learn to understand what works for you and what does not work for you.

No Time

The operation of an e-commerce store is not as easy as it seems. You must consistently analyze and check your store to ensure that you provide the best customer service, the best products and more, to ensure that customers keep coming back.

No Sales

As consumers become smarter, ordinary e-commerce stores will not attract customers' attention. Many details need to be placed, such as store design, promotion, product description and so on.

Not enough manpower

In order to have a successful e-commerce store, one must invest in manpower. One person can only do so many things. An ordinary e-commerce store needs at least 3-5 people to succeed.


How we can help?

  • Optimizing your store

  • Outsource your E commerce operations

  • Highly experienced & skilled team

  • Lazada & Shopee Expert Partners

Success Story

More Reasons to choose us

Globivio Marketing
Initial Budget
Low to Moderate (Can start from as low as RM 1k / Month)
Experience working with other industries
Worked with over 80+ different Industries
Only Focused on 1 Industry
Range of Services
Full-Fledge Services with In-house Web Developer and In-House Production House
Outsourcing different works to other companies
Platforms Utlization
Focused on 1 Platform
All works are done in-house. Communication and delivery will be direct and smooth
Unknown / Might Delay
Social Media Management
100% of our campaigns are done in house
Outsourced for outside due to inexperienced
SMM Account Manager
Campaigns are done locally and explanation for campaigns will be provided by Account Manager
Might not provide explanation
Campaign update
Monthly/Weekly report + Quarterly review
Communication Platform
Using software for better and easier communication.
Send multiple emails per month