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The Best Social Media Marketing Channels (Part 2)

In continuance to the previous article we cover top social media marketing channels and platform for businesses not only locally in Malaysia and Singapore.

LinkedIn – Professional Social Media Marketing Channels

LinkedIn is a professional networking site, but it’s also a motivating community that promotes leadership, education, and basic values. It’s a terrific way to convey your corporate culture and establish your personal brand alongside your business brand, in addition to networking, finding prospects, and sharing market knowledge. Take attention while creating your LinkedIn company page because there are several things to take advantage of.

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for:

  1. Recruiting talents
  2. Make connections with colleagues, customers, and partners.
  3. Share your company’s history and culture.
  4. Share industry updates and insights.

Twitter – Quick Information Social Media Marketing Channels

Twitter is thrives on rapid thoughts, valuable nuggets, and energising debates. You should be active on all social media platforms on a regular basis, but it’s especially vital here. Twitter is used by many individuals to obtain news, follow companies, and get customer support. When a consumer says anything wonderful about you on Twitter, repost it, and when you can, answer people’s inquiries.

Tips for Twitter social media marketing:

1.Keep up with news and trends by following influencers.

2.Share a tale using a single thread of Tweets.

3.Make yourself available for customer assistance and answers to frequently asked questions.


TikTok is the fastest-growing social media network of all time, with one billion monthly active users in just five years. While it is most recognised for dance, the site has a slew of other popular genres that are always growing.

Businesses are figuring out how to utilise it as a marketing tool, but keep in mind that TikTok is mostly used for enjoyment, so make sure your videos reflect that.

Using TikTok, you can:

  1. Take part in popular challenges.
  2. Post entertaining and motivational videos.
  3. Be approachable.

Snapchat – Social Media Marketing Channels

Surprisingly, Snapchat isn’t limited to teenagers! Its greatest age group (75 percent) is 13-34, and it’s more regionally focused than you might imagine, thanks to Snap Maps and Gannett connection. While the site does not allow for the development of connections, it does allow for the development of an audience via the use of amusing photographs and short movies. Snapchat is great for:

  1. Marketing by location
  2. App promotion
  3. Uplifting/Motivational content

We hope you learnt a thing or two through our content sharing, if you need assistance on digital marketing works, or any advise on which social media marketing channels to use please drop us a enquiry at our contact form page.


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